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Blizzard Please there is this spot on kings row
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Blizzard Please I beg you to fix this spot on Kings row https://youtu.be/quf3zdR0cPM the video shows me going up there and what i can do. When i jump up there i dont need to hold any buttons to stay up there and when i ult the sound is above and the ultimate spawns on the ground. think if i ulted they think im in the hall way above and maybe a genji or winston or d.va goes up to kill me but my tire is actually on the ground and i kill their supports because the dps wasnt there to kill the tire or the tanks couldn't tank the damage. this spot is insane and i've known it since season 3. I really do think its broken and needs to be fixed. Btw if you think im stealing this because im GrndedMlkyWy and the video has "StupidlyNeat" go ahead and add or send a message to me on my discord and ill prove its the same person. StupidlyNeat#5870