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Ping and Rtt issues for PS4
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I have been having major ping and rtt issues for the last 4 days on my PS4 account for Overwatch, making it impossible to play the game. My Ping will usually spike up 700 to 1200, and my RTT will go to 300 to 800 within seconds. I have never had to deal with this issue 24/7 with this game before and it is really annoying to put up with this. Not only that but i have been experiening weird glitches in the game that are out of place. I feel like someone is messing with my account, because i actually had trouble getting on my account today and i never have trouble getting on. I hope that Blizzard comes out with a fix for this, but if any could help out, it would be greatly appreciated.
Are you sure its the servers and not your provider? Try doing a speed test to determin what the cause is.