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Some things that are blatently wrong about stevo and fuey in your 2 more players banned
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I want to address this topic in particular because your understanding of Stevo and Fuey is messed up a bit. Obviously you don't follow the pro scene and don't know much about them. I forgive that. It's better to talk about why they do throw games and why they get so many more reports than other people. The issue with both stevo and fuey is that they disrupt the team, NOT one trick. I'm not even sure how they call stevo a one trick. The arguments in the video aren't even the right premise. Stevo and fuey both throw intentionally because they'll avoid combat for long periods of the game even when the team groups up. Stevo has never been a one-trick. Stevo stopped playing symmetra on certain maps like Gibraltar early on. They both are very sarcastic people. They say things like someone dies and they'll say nice move!!! They will sit and argue and disrupt team comms with their sarcastic humour. They look for anyone that they can get a reaction from then push over and over and over to attempt to disrupt the game. Games will have 3-4 one tricks in them, and its literally impossible to win with niche picks. The disruptive comms and the blatent response from both of them that they don't care about winning is just as toxic as saying something negative. The heroes they play do force a certain style of game. Often when running Bastion, symmetra, and torb, the other players have to swap to have a chance to win. Sometimes you want to run single hard healer with symmetra and torb, other times you have to run with no off tank. (which in terms of balance, neither symmetra nor torb is as good as d.va.) Sometimes, you have to have two shield tanks to run bastion. They are niche picks because they work and force the team to play styles that work around them much like widow, roadhog, and sombra. If the team does not have people that pick certain heroes which complement them, play a certain way on some maps, and position in a particular way, then those heroes do not work. They both disrupt comms, leave comms, and in general do not take the ladder as an attempt to win and learn the game as a whole, but rather play what they like even when other players could make a decent comp if they were willing to play lucio to support a top tier hog, or a dive tank to give a sniper room. They both are this way, they argue why people are wrong rather than offering or attempting at a viable solution. In fact, when people offer solutions they immediately focus on disrupting rather than discussing. People are use to reporting them for this for seasons, and Blizzard has been ignoring it until now.