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Top 500 Overwatch Player Exposed As a Pedophile
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In a recent video, https://youtu.be/RTukAqQrjmQ It was revealed that a top 500 Overwatch player was asking underage girls for nudes. This guy is literally begged a 14 year old girl for nudes and it is also hibted that he had a girlfriend while he was doing these disgusting acts though he denies it. The girl in the call seems very uncomfortable while the guy thinks that there is nothing wrong. He also threatened to leak their private photo im exchange for money, and games. He is also racist having repeatedly said the N word and has been known to win trade for his rank. I feel this is an incredibly important story to tell and to expose this disgustongly toxic member of the Overwatch commumity. https://youtu.be/RTukAqQrjmQ