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Zenyatta Rework
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Ever since the release of Overwatch, I've always felt that Zenyatta was just a bit on the boring side He has some basic abilities and weapons that I think could be enhanced. I'm not saying he's a bad character, it's just that he doesn't have a lot of versatility. Perhaps, if a new ability could be introduced that fits his playstyle, he would be picked more even with the new changes to other supports. My idea was that his primary fire and his discord/healing orbs would be the same, and the way to charge up your balls would instead be to hold down primary fire. In other words, click for single shot and hold for charge on one button instead of two. That way, another ability could be introduced to fill the empty secondary fire spot, I don't know what it would be but it would definitely be nice. Another idea would be to give Zenyatta a passive ability. Maybe something that would have to do with floating or gliding, as in a better kind of floating that he does already. This could be used to get to areas quicker/efficiently and also get an advantage over the enemy. To sum it up, Zenyatta could use a rework, i.e. a new ability, to make him more versatile. He could then be used in diferent ways to help win teamfights other than healing and dealing damage. If you have any suggestions/ideas/feedback, feel free to say them.
Ive played with really good zenyatta players, but I agree that he feels a bit boring (in my opinion) Maybe a sword slash or some type of melee weapon would make him a bit more dynamic to play. Would look cool too