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i can't reinstall overwatch because im in the sea region
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i recently just delete the battlenet and overwatch and other games because i need to reformat my pc for a windows update and when i tried to reinstall it again the start download says the launcher is broken and then i went to the blizzards forums to ask for help and non of it is relevant to my problem and i tried everything from technician to twitter and even asking people on the overwatch forums but theres nothing that i can do , i need the game badly yesterday for a tournament with my school mates and it seems today seen i dont had the game my team got disqualified, because all players need to have the game to compete no sharing pc's , and now i feels like killing myself , fuck blizzard for not letting SEA server to download and fuck jeff for making me look like a loser and means nothing to the world. theres a pic to prove that download thing but others is too much cant manage to save all if by tomorow its still the same im done with blizzard and i want my cash back to recover my costings that pic happens to everytime i try to download the overwatch and blizzard apps. im commiting suicide, by tomorow night
Why is this in submit news?
if you need to talk to someone Im here. Please dont do anything drastic!