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Mccree needs some fine tuning.
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Die as Reaper in his ult you keep it if you die quickly, solider, Genji, ETC. Why does Mccree lose ult SO FAST just gone. Then his just somehow misses a person sucks up two bullets, or he just shoots so slow like he takes time to fire it's not immediately like BAM, more like Button hit........ BAM. Also, why does his flash-bang come out of his stomach it is odd the animation of him throwing it is just incorrect. His roll is so short example trace throws the pulse bomb at you and misses it is on the floor under your feet, and you roll it STILL HITS YOU your roll is less than the radius of the pulse bombs hitbox. The only really good thing about Mccree is his gun. (Short ranged gun) <-- had 5 meters would make it better you could hit those pesky flyers better. Give the man a passive of some sort. (When standing still he smokes and heals a little bit) FAN THE HAMMER useless the damage is bad, and it is always more worthwhile to go for head-shots. I am not a Mccree main just a person who started playing him.