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Top 5 Overwatch Esports Moments 5) 57 Game Unbeaten Run broken by ROGUE: Lijiang was the map that showed off the full individual skill level of the different members of Rogue. Winz won fights as Zarya with single-digit health values; uNKOE was winning multiple Zenyatta fights on his own, and aKm put up absurd amounts of damage. Despite some missteps, Rogue managed to come together to put EnVyUs out of the tournament. Through surprise picks and dominant player performances, Rogue put on one of the best performances of Overwatch to date. At the end of the day, there can be only one winner coming out of the finals, and that winner would be Rogue. A team was initially written off as more of a danger to themselves than others. However, they came together to pull off the first major tournament victory in Overwatch. The momentum and confidence from the EnVyUs victory carried over into the finals without question. Every time Rogue were up against a wall, they managed to find a single opening and snowball it out of control. The major plays out of Tviq and aKm along with those off Meta calls are going to be the impressions left over for a long time to come. That’s not a bad impression to make on the competition, or on Overwatch at large. 4) Hooked The Game to Victory: The Finland highlight features Hymzi as Roadhog. Now, we are all well aware of the fact that how demoralizing it can be to get hooked by the Roadhog out of nowhere, and getting introduced to the wrong side of Roadhog's flak cannon. Well, in an impressive move on the professional stage, Hymzi exhibited his great physical and mental awareness by anticipating the movement and picking off a rogue Tracer of the opposition from the corner of his screen and punishing her with that death claw hook of his. This classic play paved the way to victory as Finland came back swinging while being 1-0 down to taking a 2-1 victory and crushing the dreams of the Spanish team and thus making their way to the semifinals of the tournament. However, things didn’t go as planned for the side as Russia defeated them by a score of 2-0. But it is without any doubt that the play of Hymzi will go down as one on the best plays in the Overwatch World Cup. 3) Shattering the dreams of FaZe Clan: Sebastian "chipshajen" Widlund shows us why the unexpected Ana pick is the deadliest. Greatly anticipating just what choke that FaZe were getting themselves into, EnVy worked out the wombo-combo perfectly and pulled it off. Chips gets the sleep dart onto Russell "FCTFCTN" Campbell right into a HUGE Earthshatter by Christian "cocco" Jonsson which resulted into whipping out 5 of the six players of the opposition from the map in the game 2. This play was probably the ingredient that Team EnVyUs needed to go up 4-0 against Team FaZe Clan in a show of absolute supremacy and superiority! Their team ended up not only winning $40,000 but continued on their thriving and dominating unbeaten run! Team FaZe Clan did not manage to score a single point in any of the four games. 2) TviQ the Man with a Plan: It's do or die for compLexity with a 6-minute defense required just to take it to a tiebreaker. They choose not to defend at the gate again and deflect the first Rogue attack wave from their trademark stronghold inside Point A. TviQ survives though and has his Dragonblade up for a crowd control combo with Reinforce on Winston as Rogue collapse on the clumped up defenders for a decisive capture. A last ditch defense on Point B sees harbleu ditch Zarya for D.Va, but after the initial trade of ultimates TviQ reappears with a monstrous Dragonblade straight out of his ranked streams. No one can deal with cyborg ninja and as the bodies pile up the capture ticks over to eliminate compLexity from the tournament and send Rogue on to the semis to face EnVyUs. This victory sparked that the side of Rogue needed to make history in the year of 2016 as the side went on to beat EnVyUs in one of the best matchup’s of the year of 2016 in the style of true champions as Rogue beat EnVyUs 3-2. Moreover, with a game in hand advantage over the opposition side of REUNITED the side in the grand finale, Rogue went on to win 3-1, a crushing victory for the underdogs of the tournament to lift the Atlantic Showdown at ESL Gamescom title. 1) Best Team with the Best Play: This last one shows South Korea's Zumba as Zarya, getting ready to engage the United States team on Eichenwalde. You can see the South Korean team wait for Zumba's lead, a very patient strategy that pays off. Zumba jumps into the middle of Team USA as they're pushing the payload, drops a Gravitron Surge, and then helps his team eliminate every American player. This sick play is a great demonstration and exhibition of why South Korea is capable of one the big stage, hammering every single team and climbing to the very top spot. They not only dominated this match against the USA by beating them 2-0 but also exhibited incredible performance in the semifinals by overpowering the great Sweden side in another 2-0 victory. And in the grand finale, they were an unstoppable object as they thrashed the Russians 4-0. And ended the tournament without dropping a single game in the grand finals.
10 Best Mei Walls - Overwatch Mei is possibly the most cheeky character in Overwatch, and these strategies will surely frustrate the hell out of your opponents in ways they never thought possible. Some of these walls might be common knowledge, but there are other techniques here that even high SR players might not have seen in their games yet. Whatever your skill level though, you’ll be a pro Mei if you can effectively utilize all of these strategies. The Trap Wall. This is the quintessential Mei wall everyone should know. As the enemy team moves through a chokepoint, you’ll lie there in wait. When they run past the choke, put your wall up and cut them off from the rest of their team. Once they’re trapped, you and your team should be able to kill them easily. This strategy is effective on any map with a tight choke point. Be careful though, once the enemy knows that you are going to trap them through the choke, they might try to bait the wall out before moving in. Pay attention to which characters you are trying to wall off, immobile characters like Reinhart are good targets, where characters like Dva can easily fly away. The Ult Blocker. This one is pretty simple, but is incredibly powerful and can save your whole team in the right circumstances. If you know that your enemy hasn’t ulted in a while, save your wall in preparation for their push. When they ult, just block them off, saving your team and wasting the enemy's ult. This works against loads of characters, particularly against Dva, Roadhog, Soldier, Torbjorn, McCree, Phara, Bastion, Zarya, or most Ana boosted characters, The Anti-Hook. This requires a lot of timing and even more awareness to pull off properly, but if done correctly, a Mei can block a Roadhog hook before her teammate gets pulled in. All of this comes down to awareness, and monitoring the enemy Roadhogs position relative to your team. One thing I’ll do for blocking hooks, both with Mei and with Zarya, is prepare my wall as soon as I see Roadhog hook, even if I don’t know if he landed it. If he lands it, I’m ready to react, if not, I save my ability. The reaction isn’t all that hard if you’re prepared. The Staller. Mei is possibly the best stall character in Overwatch due to her ult, her Ice Wall, and her Cryo Freeze. If it looks like you are going to lose a point, try walling yourself off in a corner. The enemy team won’t be able to hit you at all, and you can still contest the point. When the wall comes down, or if the enemy skirt around you, go into cryo freeze and keep stalling. When you are out of your freeze, you should only have about one second before your wall is available again. Rinse and repeat until your team returns. The Turret Blocker. Having trouble with a turret or a sniper? Switch to Mei, and as you approach simply wall off the the enemy from your team’s line of site. This will allows your team to advance into the defenders without taking heavy fire. And when the wall comes down, your team can be in position to easily focus whoever is behind it. This is a relatively simply strategy on paper, but it can be difficult in practice if under heavy fire, and sometimes requires walling over long distances or at different elevations. The Splitter - I rarely see this wall being used in competitive, even at diamond levels, but it’s incredibly useful and most teams won’t know how to deal with it. When approaching through a choke, try to see which direction the enemy team is leaning on, left or right. Chose the side that they are less concentrated on, and approach through that side. Right as you cross through the choke, wall it down the middle. This will split the enemy team up, giving you a free approach on one side. This strategy is particularly useful on Volskia, Eichenwald, Nepal, or Hanamura. The Elevator. It’s pretty well known that Mei can lift herself up to high places, but you can also do this for your team. Just have your teammate stand under your Ice Wall right before you put it up. At its most basic level, you can just help your teammate reach a hard to get to spot, but it can also be used as an attack strategy. You could even in theory get your whole team on top of your Wall and shuffle them over the defenders choke. Australia used this simple strategy during the Overwatch World Cup with great success, and got their whole team through the Eichenwald choke almost for free. The strategy can also be used to bypass Hanamuras choke, and have your whole team jump through opening on the top left. The Dart Board. Having trouble wearing down the enemy Rein shield? Well this Mei strategy is perfect. Just set up a wall behind the enemy Reinhart and have your Rein charge them, like a dart board. Normally, charging the enemy Rein is a very dangerous and aggressive attack, but by creating a backboard for the charge, you can kill the enemy Rein, and quickly advance onto the enemy team with a numbers advantage. Just be sure to communicate with your team so your Reinhart knows what to do. The Jerry Rigged Reinhart. Are you on the payload with a ton of damage coming your way? Is your Reinharts shield low? Well just throw up a Mei wall on top of the cart and afford yourself a few seconds of extra cover. Many Mei’s will put the wall close in front of the cart, however this is a mistake, as the cart will push through and destroy the ice wall. By putting the wall on top of the cart itself, you have mobile cover that will last long enough for you to gain ground and re organize your team. The Racing Start. This is a really good technique that Josh Nissan came up with for breaking through tight chokes against an enemy Mei. He explains it really well here, but the gist is, if you’re having trouble breaking a choke, wall off your own side of the choke, have your whole team walk into the wall, and as soon as the wall breaks, your whole team will push through the choke at the exact same time. This sudden rush can catch teams off guard and it’s a great idea.
9 Effective Bastion Positions - Overwatch The key to good positioning with bastion is to find spots that maximize your damage output while minimizing the amount of risk you are in. There is no perfect position, where you can just camp the enemy team for the entire game and expect not to take damage yourself. But if you play these positions properly, Bastion can output loads of damage while making himself very hard to kill. Hanamura’s Rock. Hanamura has possibly the hardest first point to capture in the game, which means it’s perfect for Bastion. One of the best spots on Hanamura is in the back of the Courtyard behind the furthest rock. The rocks provide a good deal of cover for Bastion, meaning your opponents will have a harder time landing shots on you, and gives you an effective line of site against every point of the map. Couple this with a Mercy and a good Reinhart, it will be almost impossible for the attacking team to get through the choke without being shredded by a hailfire of bullets. The Top of Hanamura’s Hut. Hanamura’s first point also provides another great set up position, this one a little less known, on the top of the hut. This can be accessed by having Mei boost you to the to with her Ice Wall. The position provides a great line of site over the entire courtyard area, and most importantly, it is super safe. You are on the highest point of Hanamura, and even characters like Phara will have a hard time taking you out, as they will have to approach you along your line of site. Even if the enemy team gets past the choke, approaching through the courtyard under Bastion fire should be nearly impossible. Temple of Anubis Apartment platform. This little bump behind temple of Anubis’ first choke is amazing, and rarely expected by the enemy team. You get an excellent field of fire against the bridge and the platform below, and you can usually get several picks before the enemy team can respond to you. Mei can help you get to this position with an Ice wall from the bridge during the opening set up of the map. Team Korea actually used this strategy fairly effectively during the world cup. [2] Be careful though, as there isn’t any cover from up here, and if the enemy catches on to you, you’ll find a Roadhog hook in your face. Temple of Anubis Pillar. Anubis’ also provides a wonderful Bastion position on the top of the pillars along the second point. Mei can help you reach the top here pretty easily. You want to position yourself behind the pillar, so that the enemy can’t see you and get off easy shots. Once the attackers push onto the control point, an effort that usually will leave them at low health and confused, Bastion can clean them up very easily using his high ground advantage. Hollywood’s Bushes. This position is good for a lot of characters, but even more so for Bastion. The bushes will hide you very effectively from the attackers, and you have a very good line of site against most of the checkpoint. One thing I like to do from here is wait a little bit of time for the attackers to move onto the point, and begin firing when they’ve already moved in. This way, they won’t see you until it is too late, and you can wipe most of the team. Hollywoods Elevator. Setting up ontop of the elevator is also a great option, and you can rotate between here and the bushes very easily to mix up your enemy. The elevator will provide you with a great line of site, while also bringing you back to safety every few seconds for heals or further repositioning. While it’s a little more obvious than the bushes, it gives you a greater site line as well. Just don’t camp here for too long as the enemy will eventually catch onto it, and the position offers very little cover. Volskaya Rotating Platforms. This is possibly one of the only truly “effective” attack Bastion positions. Doing well here comes from timing, you want to make sure that you and your team are approaching at the same time. If the defenders don’t see this coming, you can absolutely shred them. It’s even more effective if you have your ult with you, and you can drop off the platform to clean up stragglers. This strategy was actually used very effectively by NoName from LW Blue, who timed his approach with that of his team and cleaned up Volskaya’s first point. [3] Rotating Platforms on Route 66. These are very similar to Volskaya’s platforms, but because they rotate so slowly, they are far more suited to defence than offence. The platforms can provide cover from below, and if you rotate along them to mix up when you pop out against the enemy, you can do a lot of damage while remaining quite safe. Just watch out for Roadhogs. Top of Gibraltar's first Check Point. This is a really good positions for a lot of characters, including supports and Soldier 76, but it’s also a great Bastion position. You have a really good field of fire on the Choke, the Server Room, the opposing high ground, and the room flanking the choke. What’s more, being stationed up top puts a lot of distance between you and the attacking team, meaning they will really have to commit to deal with you, pulling forces away from the main fight. [1] https://www.overbuff.com/blobs/1lfb4dTxihU.jpg [2] https://youtu.be/X5WONmw7hB0?t=2m48s [3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4KzdTClOec
McCree Lore Guide - Overwatch According to the official bio on playoverwatch.com[1], Mccree began his career as a member of the criminal Deadlock gang, an organization known for trafficking weapons and Military hardware throughout the SouthWestern united states. And the Deadlock gang must have been a pretty high profile group, because their activities attracted the attention of Overwatch. Overwatch conducted a sting operation, busting numerous Deadlock gang members including McCree, and locking them away in a maximum security prison. Only McCree was offered a choice. He could join Overwatch as a member Blackwatch, their covert ops division headed by Gabriel Reyes, who'd later adopt the Reaper persona. And in exchange McCree wouldn't have to serve out his prison sentence. Understandably he chose to join Blackwatch. Over time, McCree began to see his involvement in Blackwatch as a path toward Redemption, a way of making up for the crimes of his past life. Yet Overwatch was plagued with infighting, and Reyes secretly used Blackwatch to sabotage Overwatch from within. Disillusioned with the groups internal power struggles, McCree left Overwatch and spent several years off the grid before re-emerging as a freelance gunslinger. This time fighting only for causes he believes are just. While thats as far as his story goes on his official bio, Blizzard has dropped little clues about his character in other sources. At one point in the video for Ana Amari's origin story[2], we see a photograph of the Overwatch team in the early days. And we can see several familiar characters like Reinhardt, Mercy, Jack Morrison and a young McCree. And what stands out here is that McCree has both of his arms in tact, rather than having a robotic left arm like we're used to seeing him with. So obviously, whatever injury he sustained to his arm must have happened after he'd joined Overwatch. But Ramiel, a user on the us.battle.net forums, made an even more interesting observation. According to the photo McCree is likely to be left handed, even though in the game he's right handed or at least shoots with his right hand. He says: "In Ana's origin story video, there is a group shot of some of the old Overwatch members, McCree among them. You can't see it when all the people are in the shot (since his hips get covered) but, if you pause at 0:43, you can see McCree has his gun holstered on his left hip. The grip is facing backwards, indicating he would use his left hand to draw it."[3] And basically what he's saying is the revolver on his left hip is meant to be grabbed with his left hand, because if he was going to reach across his body with his right hand to grab the gun, the grip should be facing the opposite direction. He goes on to address the possiblity that the photo just shows a spare revolver, but as mentioned, if it was a spare revolver the grip would probably face the other direction. There's also the possibility that McCree is ambidextrous since he's portrayed that way in Overwatch's early concept art[4]. But the most interesting theory is that McCree was in fact left handed, but after losing his left arm, his robotic arm just didn't give him the finesse he needed to accurately fire his Peacekeeper revolver. And so he had to train himself to be a crack shot with his non dominant right hand. This could be a reference to the real life story of Károly Takács[5], a Hungarian athlete that won 2 gold medals in Olympic shooting using his non dominant hand, after injuring his right hand when a faulty grenade went off during military training. Route 66, one of Overwatch's in game maps hints at McCree's past catching up to him. The map's description mentions that "amid the fading monuments of that earlier era, the outlaws of the Deadlock Gang are planning their biggest heist yet." In fact, the attack objective for the map is to deliver a military bomb to the Deadlock gang garage. So in spite of Overwatch's sting operation many years ago, McCree's old gang appears to be alive and well. And as you can imagine, they're not very happy that he ditched them and left their members to rot in prison. In the high side, a biker bar tagged with the Deadlock logo inside, you can find a dartboard with McCree's face on it. [6] On the roof of another building we can see a chair overlooking the road with a rifle and a photo of McCree tacked to the wall. Its like the gang has a sniper posted there whose only job is to shoot McCree if he see's him coming down the road.[7] Then, behind the counter of the Panorama diner you can find another picture of McCree and a rifle, so it looks like even the diner owners have turned against him.[8] We can also see that the Deadlock gang has expanded into other enterprises since McCree left. Their store Deadlock Propane sells propane and propane accessories.[9] And of course the Overwatch comic Train Hopper gives us some insight into McCree's character too. The comic opens with McCree sitting on top of a hypertrain, which according to him is because "they don't sell folks like me a ticket"[10]. And this implies that he's an outcast of society if not a wanted criminal. In another panel, helicopters descend on the train and Talon agents drop down on ropes. [11] McCree takes stock of the situation, saying "This ain't got nothing to do with me. If I show my face, guess who gets the blame. Again. But this crews using the blackwatch playbook. My Playbook." So he believes that even if he tries to help he'll be blamed for the attack, but also feels some responsibility since they're using blackwatch tactics, implying at least some of their members are from McCree's old squad. He also notes that "crews like this don't take prisoners". So of course McCree decides to help, crashing through a window to get inside the train. He proceeds to make his way through the train, leaving a trail of dead Talon agents behind him. At one point, McCree warns a Talon soldier that its his "Last chance to surrender stranger." And the agent calls back "McCree, is that you? I swear to god I will kill--" Before he's cut off when mccree takes out him and the rest of his squad. This further reinforces the idea that some former Blackwatch agents defected to Talon. Eventually, McCree reaches the cargo hold and finds what Talon is after, which turns out to be a glowing purple cube. Some have speculated the box contained a God AI, like the Anubis AI found in Overwatch's Mission Statement comic, while others believe it was an epic loot box containing Reaper's Mariachi skin[12]. But whats clear is that in the comic, neither McCree or the trains passengers have any idea what the box is. And because he'd heard a Talon agent radio for backup, McCree declares "I'm willing to let them have it" and boots the box off the train, to get Talon off their tail. But this seemlingly careless move reveals a lot about McCree's priorities. Talon was one of Overwatch's greatest enemies, responsible for killing numerous Overwatch agents. Yet McCree hands over the cargo without a second thought. McCree doesn't seem to care if Talon succeeds in their mission, all that matters is that the trains passengers, and of course McCree himself, are now safe. And this was the last we saw of McCree in the Overwatch comics until the latest issue, Reflections. While this was something overshadowed by the reveal that Tracer is queer, the issue possibly added a new connection for McCree as well. One of the comic pages shows various Overwatch characters on Christmas eve. Reinhardt is reading a story to a group of children gathered around the fireplace, Mercy is in a medical tent smiling at a letter she's reading. And McCree is passed out in what looks like an empty bar with Sombra sitting a few seats away. McCree is snoozing and Sombra seems more interested in her drink than anything else, so on the surface it looks like maybe they ended up in the same place by chance. However, the odds that of all the places in the world, two overwatch characters happen to be the only two patrons at the same bar on Christmas eve would be an astoundingly improbable coincidence. We know that McCree follows his own code of justice. And Sombra's loyalties are fluid to see the least, in her short we see her work with Talon, betray them and then blackmail the CEO of Russia's most powerful corporation all without batting an eyelash. Its very possible that McCree and Sombra could share a common goal at one point. And as I pointed out in my Doomfist guide, Blizzard likes to build its story by dropping little details like this and expanding on them later. So obviously, nothing is confirmed but keep an eye out for this connection to develop in the future. 1. https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/mccree/ 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzFWIw7wV8Q&feature=youtu.be&t=1m44s 3. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20748494689 4. http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/overwatch/images/b/b1/McCree_Concept.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160502182456 5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C3%A1roly_Tak%C3%A1cs 6. http://imgur.com/NOuiLsB 7. http://imgur.com/WaAM1AA 8. Couldn't find a picture online but its in the attack starting room behind the counter. 9. http://imgur.com/xC5ivNE 10. Page 2 11. Page 4 12. https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/4ftyja/first_overwatch_digital_comic_train_hopper_out_now/
Pharah Lore Guide - Overwatch Pharah, the rocket wielding, sky soaring attack hero of Overwatch, was one of the first heroes implemented into the game, being finished right around the same time as Tracer, Reaper, and Widowmaker [1]. She was designed from the ground up and was originally codenamed “Rocket Man” following her design by Geoff Goodman, but Justin Thivarat eventually followed it up with a “Rocket Queen” design and we were given the Pharah we know and love today. Born Fareeha Amara, the hero is 32 years old and hails from Egypt. Her only known relative is Ana Amari, the support sniper and 22nd hero of Overwatch. She was formerly part of the Egyptian Army, but now finds herself as a security guard with Helix Security International. It is said that Pharah’s commitment to duty runs through her blood and that she comes from a long line of highly decorated soldiers and that she burns with a desire to serve with honor. Her main goal is to make the world a better place, and ever since she was a child, she dreamt of fighting with Overwatch just like her mother. However, Ana was against it, which led to a strained relationship between the two. After it was alleged that Ana was killed in battle, Fareeha got an udjat tattoo to honor her memory. Her mother had a similar tattoo and had always told Fareeha that it was a symbol of protection, which explains Pharah’s in-game voiceline of “I will protect the innocent”. The Rocket Queen’s dogged persistence and tactical expertise allowed her to climb through the ranks of the Egyptian Army before she left with a commendation of excellence and she was well placed to actually join Overwatch until they were disbanded. This is what led to her joining the top-secret security firm. Here, she received training with the Raptora Mark VI, an experimental combat suit designed with rapid mobility and devastating firepower. This is the model of suit she wears in-game (i.e. voiceline “Raptora systems online”). Under the callsign “Pharah”, she worked to safeguard AI Installation, though she still dreamed of fighting the good fight and joining Overwatch’s ranks. One day when the “Anubis AI” broke free of containment, Pharah and her crew were sent to contain the situation. When they arrived at the scene, they discovered an engineer who had been sent ahead and was badly injured, revealing that the AI had taken control of the Sentry Bots assigned to the site. Pharah urged that her team move on, much to the protest of her boss and the squadron, who said that the engineer needed medical attention. She told her crew that the mission was more important than any of their lives, considering what would happen if Anubi breached their firewalls. Her boss conceded, and they pushed onward. Once they arrived at a attack from the sentry bots, the boss was killed and, per chain of command, Pharah took over command of the team. She ordered the team to move on. The squad entered a temple and engaged in combat with the bots. The ordinance caused a pillar to collapse, threatening to crush Tariq, a member of the team. Much to everyone’s confusion, Pharah saved him, going against her own word that the mission was more important than their lives. She dodged the questioning and Tariq attacked Anubis while her and the squad held down the line. Wounded, they eventually came out on top and Anubis’ systems had been shut down and the rest of the squad safely made it out of the site. As Tariq was loaded into the squad’s vehicle, he told her that she was the captain now and that he’d always follow her. From this, she reflected on her udjat and realized that she had always misunderstood what her mother told her. She was not protected, but she was the protector. Contrary to what she told her squad, she never quite knew which was more important: protecting her team or completing the mission. However, after toppling Anubis, she learned to preserve both the innocent and her team more generally, and she grew even more determined to follow in her mother’s footsteps [2]. In the latest Overwatch comic - “Reflections” - Pharah is briefly seen having dinner in a restaurant with a man, who we can only see from behind. The man has dark hair with a spot of gray to the side. It should be noted that in “Mission Statement”, the comic in which Pharah and her team take down the Anubis AI, she tells Tariq, whom she saved, “Guess I won’t be buying dinner”. Tariq had a similar jawline to the one we can see in “Reflections” and does have the same dark hair, though in “Mission Statement” there is no gray. It would make sense for the man to be having dinner with her be Tariq, though it could really be any new character. Just recently, Pharah received a letter from thought-to-be-dead Ana, who explained her story to her beloved daughter and told her why she had been missing for a decade. Judging by the in-game voice lines between, the two, they seem to have reconciled, but we’ll get to that in just a minute. The identity of Pharah’s father is unknown, but lately there has been speculation pointing towards the possibility that Reinhardt may be the father of Pharah. Each hero’s skins are typically named with a theme, like Bastion’s whose are nature themed (Overgrown, Meadow, Dawn). If you look at Reinhardt’s skins, the theme is that they are named after hard metals, such as Brass, Cobalt, and Copper. Meanwhile, Ana’s skins are named after gemstones, such as Citrine, Garnet, and Peridot. Finally, Pharah’s skins are a mix between hard metals and gemstones, like Amethyst, Copper, Titanium, and Emerald. Also, taking into account some in-game voice lines between Ana and Reinhardt, it’s pretty clear that they have a personal past together, as Reinhardt is obviously very suprised on a personal level to see that Ana is alive after believing she was dead and the two’s flirty remarks about how each of them look “lovely”. When Pharah secures a final blow on Reinhardt, she has a voiceline saying “Sorry, Reinhardt.” When she witnesses Ana eliminate an enemy, she says “Mum, you’re amazing!”, which goes with the two being close again, and when Reinhardt does the same, she says “Reinhardt, you’ve still got it!”. These are the only heroes she comments on in the midst of battle. In pre-game interactions, she has voicelines with Ana, Winston, Soldier 76, Mercy, and Reinhardt. With Winston, Solider, and Mercy, the conversation revolves around Ana and Pharah (except for two Mercy lines where they discuss flying), while the conversation with Reinhardt is about a poster that she had of him in his room when she was younger, and he notes that he remembers this poster. This obviously means that Reinhardt had been in Pharah’s house and room when she was a child. Of course, these are not stone cold facts pointing directly to Reinhardt being the father of Pharah, but they aren’t to be ignored either. Some mother-daughter interactions between Pharah and Ana point to the two being reconciled are as follows: Ana: “I’ll be watching your back out there.” Pharah: “Then I have nothing to worry about.” Pharah: “I always dreamed of the day we would fight together.” Ana: “Wanting a better life for you is all I ever dreamed of.” Pharah: “Mum, I know why you didn’t want me to join Overwatch; but it’s still what I want.” Ana: “I didn’t want that life for you, but I know that it’s your decision, and I will support it.” (If you want to get these voicelines in the video instead of you just reading them, they’re downloadable here: http://overwatch.gamepedia.com/Pharah/Quotes) Pharah’s mid-match voice lines are all very combat-oriented and professional. Most heroes have playful or casual lines, but Pharah is almost always down to business. Her military background is clear in lines such as “Clearing the area”, “All systems checked out, ready for combat maneuvers”, “System check initiated. Green across the board, and ready for action”, and “I’m taking the objective, converge on me”. Her militaristic past and experiences in combat have clearly served her well, as when she is played right, Pharah is able to deal out massive damage with her standard rockets and her barrage ultimate.
Doomfist the Complete Guide - Overwatch The first mention of Doomfist comes from the Overwatch Cinematic Trailer. I'm sure most of you have seen it by now, but for a quick recap, the short follows two brothers as they tour the overwatch museum, which has exhibits about various characters in the Overwatch universe. One of the exhibits is Doomfist's gauntlet, and we don't get much information on Doomfist except "oh man, they said he could level a skyscraper!"[1], and that Winston once beat him in a fight with a "primal punch". But right off the bat, we can tell that Doomfist at least at some point was in conflict with Overwatch. And while we don't know if Doomfist was killed in his fight with Winston, taken or prison or simply retired, he's presumably out of the action at the moment, seeing how his signature gauntlet is on display in a museum. The short goes on to show Talon Agents Reaper and Widowmaker break into the museum and attempt to steal Doomfist's gauntlet. Before they can grab it, Tracer and Winston enter the scene so of course an epic battle ensues. Even the older brother from before gets into the fight, putting on Doomfists gauntlet to punch Widowmaker right as she's lining up a shot on his younger brother. Defeated, Reaper and Widowmaker retreat, leaving the gauntlet behind. And while Doomfist's gauntlet is clearly powerful, as shown by how it enabled an adolescent boy to send Widowmaker flying through the air with a punch, we don't get information on what Talon wanted with the weapon beyond that. Now if its starting to sound like the gauntlet, and by extension Doomfist himself, was in the short for no other purpose than to give the heroes something to fight over, that's because it was. In a December 2015 interview with pcgamer.com, Overwatch creative director Chris Metzen said this: "when we made the cinematic, it was just a gauntlet...But I'm like, I want to just have almost like a shotgun blast of flavor. So I had riffed Sound Quake and Doomfist, and I just personally enjoy riffing compound noun names if World of Warcraft is any indicator. So I just threw a bunch of shit out to make it sound like there's all this texture. I guess we're letting air out of the balloon and looking much less cool, but that was the intent of the flick—to create a sense of a far larger tapestry that we would actually weave together over time."[2] Which makes it sound like at the time of making the short, Doomfist was nothing but a name and a weapon meant to hint at a larger universe than Overwatch actually had at that point. But part of Blizard's world build approach was to eventually flesh out details like that and incorporate them into the game's lore. And it seems like this is exactly what happened with Doom Fist. In August 2015, @PlayOverwatch tweeted a fictional news report about increased Mech Productin in Volskaya Industries. But if you look at the news marquee you'll see they included a reference to a doomfist exhibit opening in Numbani on Unity Day.[3] This idea was taken even further when Overwatch was released. In the map Numbani players are tasked with guarding doomfist's gauntlet itself and delivering it to the Numbani Heritage Museum for the Unity Day exhibit. And looking at the payload you can actually see Doomfist's gauntlet rotating inside of a glass cylinder, looking very similar to the gauntlet shown in the Overwatch Cinematic Trailer. But the most interesting reference comes from the last spawn room for the defense side, which is presumably the Numbani Heritage Museum. Inside we can see three banners clearly showing Doomfist as 3 different people[4]. Which means Doomfist isn't a particular person but is instead the title given to whoever wears the gauntlet. Kind of like in the DC universe where whoever wears Green Lantern's ring becomes the Green Lantern. From the banners, we can see the first "Doom Fist" was named Adhabu Ngumi, which literally translates from Swahili into "Doom Fist"[5]. He's presented as "The Savior", suggesting that he was a heroic or "good" Doomfist. And judging by his armor and military style beret, he looks like he was some kind of soldier or perhaps a military leader. We can also see that the gauntlet he wore was little more than some spiked knuckles. Next we have "The Scourge", Akinjide Adeyemi, standing in front of a green cloud of smoke. Right away this calls to mind death and destruction, leading us to assume this was an "evil" Doomfist. The first part of his name, Akinjide, is a Yoruba name meaning "The Strong One has Returned"[6]. Which makes sense, as if the first Doomfist had gone away but Akinjide had taken up the name and the gauntlet, and therefore Doomfist had returned. His second name, Adeyemi, translates to "the crown fits me". Which suggests he enjoys the power that comes along with being "Doomfist". His gauntlet is also quite a bit larger than the first Doomfist's. And of the 3 gauntlets shown in the banners, his looks the most similar to the one seen in the cinematic trailer, and the one being transported to the museum. With one crucial difference. He wears his gauntlet on the left hand, whereas the gauntlet shown in the trailer and in game are both right handed. This suggests that just like there is more than one Doomfist, there is probaly more than one gauntlet as well. Finally we have "The Successor", standing in silhouette in front of a raised fist. Like the first Doomfist, he wears his gauntlet on the right except its grown to extend all the way to the top of his shoulder. And he's by far the most mysterious of the 3 Doomfists we've seen so far. The fact that everything but his arm is shown in siloutte could mean his identity is still a secret at this point. And his title, "The Sucessor" doesn't really hint at whether he is good or bad. All it really tells us is that he's the next doomfist. Even his name is written in the Omnic language, which so far no one has been able to translate. That said, we're still given a lot of clues as to what this character might be. For one, he stands in front of a raised fist, which is often a symbol for power, resistance, and of course, unity. Numbani is the first city where humans and Omnics live in unity as equals. And the doomfist exhibit is even scheduled to open on the holiday "Unity Day". So this third Doomfist could be a hero to the people of Numbani and a symbol of human and Omnic equality. He's also the first Doomfist to have an Omnic name, leading some to speculate he could be Omnic himself. And looking closely at the Successors siloutte, you can clearly see his legs facing the opposite direction of a normal humans. They're reverse jointed, like the legs of D.Va's Mekka suit or a Titan Omnic[8]. So while its still not clear whether Doomfist is an Omnic or not, at the very least parts of his body are robotic, just like with Genji and Mcree. In spite of that, there's evidence that the third doomfist could be a villain as well. In the Blizzcon 2015 panel William Petras, Blizzards art director, mentioned that Numbani was "threatend by the villainous doomfist".[12] And a still frame from Overwatch short "Are You With Us" shows an explosion within a Tower in Numbani, which could be the work of Doomfist since "I hear he could level a skyscraper"[14]. A voice was also datamined from the PTR of reaper saying "doomfist should do his own dirty work"[15][16], suggesting Reaper and Doomfist could be working together. However, its also possible that the concept of doomfist evolved over time, because the in game depiction of "The Successor" definitely seems more heroic than villainous. With all this being said, what evidence is there that Doomfist will actually emerge as a playable character? Well for one, it would be kind of a let down for Blizzard to tease this character for so long, and develop such a rich history for him but NOT turn him into a playable character. Also, the fact that you're transporting Doomfist's gauntlet in Numbani doesn't mean he can't be a playable character because as mentioned before, there are probably at least 2 gauntlets in existence. In the interview with pcgamer.com, Chris Metzen also had this to say "We've talked about the gameplay of doing a Doomfist character—again, we have nothing to announce—but we've talked about it and how much fun would it be to design that character. " Which shows the Blizzard team has definitely considered making Doomfist an in game character. But the most definitive evidence Doomfist will become a playable character is a story involving American Actor Terry Crews. On November 17, reddit user Sleepy Ricky made a thread in the overwatch subreddit saying "If Doomfist becomes a hero I'd be so hyped if Terry Crews voice acted for him".[9] And Terry Crews actually responded from his official reddit account, stating simply "I would LOVE TO PLAY DOOMFIST". Then on November 18th, @Mestyy tweeted William Warnecke, Blizzard's Lead Software Engineer, asking "@ww What would it take to get @terrycrews to voice act in @PlayOverwatch ???". And William replied "@Mestyyy @terrycrews @PlayOverwatch I think you'd have to ask @AndreaToyias to make that happen!!". @AndreaToyias being the casting and voice director for blizzard. So at the very least, Blizzard appears open to the idea not just of turning Doomfist into a playable character but also of having Terry Crews voice him. 1. https://youtu.be/FqnKB22pOC0?t=1m36s 2. http://www.pcgamer.com/overwatch-story-chris-metzen-interview/2/ 3. https://twitter.com/PlayOverwatch/status/628597024951111680 4. http://pm1.narvii.com/6160/8e30e3bd642b2f117c954e8cf8e4833e78e8e741_hq.jpg 5. Google Translate 6. http://babynames.merschat.com/name-meaning.cgi?function=View&bn_key=50350 7. http://www.thenamemeaning.com/adeyemi/ 8. https://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/overwatch.gamepedia.com/thumb/d/db/Titan.jpg/300px-Titan.jpg?version=5591f626b8daee701a3df8e523017d8d 9. https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/5dez6k/if_doomfist_becomes_a_hero_id_be_so_hyped_if/ 10. https://twitter.com/ww/status/799741294733991937 11. https://twitter.com/TerranGregory/status/809525492755771392 12. https://youtu.be/AU2PVc4E0eE?t=5m20s 12. https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/4ta9lc/i_went_over_all_available_voice_files_on_the_ptr/ 13. http://overwatch.wikia.com/wiki/Are_You_With_Us%3F?file=Aywu_9.png 14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AU2PVc4E0eE#t=05m26s 15. https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/4ta9lc/i_went_over_all_available_voice_files_on_the_ptr/ 16. https://clyp.it/g00ivrlz
Genji's Dark Story - Overwatch Before we get into any specific lore, I'd like to point out that Genji and Hanzo were originally conceived of as a single cyborg ninja character[1], and was basically a slow moving stealth assassin capable of one shotting other characters if his attack didn't get interupted. After playtesting the devs decided this design was "unfun", and split Genji and Hanzo into the seperate characters we know today. Whats interesting is that both characters borrowed a lot from Sombra's design at the time. Originally, Sombra was a fast moving, double jumping character like Genji, who could also throw a dagger to reveal her enemies position, which is a lot like Hanzo's sonic arrow[2] ability. So Sombra has actually been around for a long time, but had to be reworked after Blizzard came up with Genji and Hanzo, which is why she was only released recently. But back to Genji's story. Because both characters began as a single character split in two, it makes sense that the story of Genji can't be told without including his older brother Hanzo. Both of them are direct descendendants of the Shimada crime family, a clan of assassins based in Hanamura that specializes in the trade of illegal weapons and substances. Both brothers were also trained in the art of badass ninja skills. But where Hanzo wished to honor their father's legacy as head of the Shimada clan, Genji wanted nothing to do with their criminal enterprise. He preferred the carefree, playboy lifestyle, and because of this, many in the clan saw Genji as a liability. And the tension in the clan only grew when their father died an untimely death. Being the eldest, Hanzo inherited his father's position as leader of the Shimadas. When this happened, the clan elders pressured Hanzo to bring Genji into the fold, so that the brothers could lead the clan together. Hanzo confronted Genji, who once again refused to join in the clan's illegal activities. This made Hanzo fly into a rage and attack Genji, leaving him on the brink of death. Now all of this information comes directly from Genji and Hanzo's official bios on playoverwatch.com. But whats interesting to note is that Hanzo's bio describes his attack on Genji quite differently, saying "the clan elders instructed Hanzo to straighten out his wayward younger brother so that he, too, might help rule the Shimada empire. When his brother refused, Hanzo was forced to kill him." The key differences being: according to Hanzo he had no choice but to assassinate his brother, rather than just attacking him in a fit of anger. And most importantly, that he didn't almost kill Genji, Hanzo sucessfully ended his brother's life. Now obviously, both versions of the story can't be true. So the point to take away here, is that even Blizzard's official biographies can't be viewed as absolute truth. Every character's bio is a potentially biased versions of history written from that character's own point of view. And this idea will be important later on in this video. Anyway, throughout all of this Overwatch had an interest in taking down the Shimada clan. So when Hanzos attack left Genji on the verge of death, Overwatch saw an opportunity. They saved his life, specifically with the help of Dr. Angela Ziegler, who we know as Mercy in the game, and offered to rebuild Genji's ruined body if he helped them destroy the Shimada clan. Genji accepted their offer, and Overwatch replaced the majority of his body with mechanical parts. This enhanced Genji's speed and reflexes to superhuman levels, and with his newfound abilities Genji waged war on the Shimada clan. But over time, Genji became disgusted with the machine parts inside of him, and began to doubt his own humanity. So after completing his mission with Overwatch, Genji wandered the world, hoping to find some kind of meaning for his life. Genji drifted around for several years unil he encountered the Omnic monk Zenyatta. Zenyatta believed that humans and Omnics alike had souls, and therefore were equals on a spiritual level. With Zenyatta's help, Genji grew to accept what he'd become. He came to see that in spite of his mechanical body he still had a soul. Genji no longer viewed his Cyborg enhancements as a curse, but instead as a unique gift and source of strength. His bio ends by saying that for the first time in his life Genji is free, and its kind of a mystery what path Genji will take next. So the question is, what has Genji been up to since that time? The overwatch short Dragons gives us an idea. By now most of you have probably seen the short, but if you haven't, the quick version is that Hanzo infiltrates Shimada castle to honor his brother on the anniversary of his alleged death. Genji enters the scene, but Hanzo mistakes him for a Shimada assassin because Hanzo has also abandoned the Shimada clan due to the guilt he felt from "killing his brother". And the Shimada clan have been sending assassins after him ever since then. So Hanzo attacks Genji and both of them fight until Hanzo unleashes a Dragon Strike, which Genji is able to redirect back at Hanzo with his own Dragon Blade ability. Defeated, Hanzo falls to his knees, and Genji dashes forward and puts his tanto Hanzo's throat. Hanzo says "Do it then. Kill me." And Genji drops this bomb. "No. I will not grant you the death you wish for. You still have a purpose in this life, brother." And Genji pulls down his mask to reveal his badly damaged face and prove that he is in fact Hanzo's brother. And after that Genji basically dissappears in a cloud of smoke, leaving behind a feather and these parting words "I have accepted what I am, and I have forgiven you. Now you must forgive yourself. The world is changing once again, Hanzo, and it's time to pick a side." So it seems that Genji came to Hanamura not just to show his brother he's still alive, but also to help him move on from his past. Genji's final words that "its time to pick a side" are interesting too. Genji could be referring to the Second Omnic crisis currently happening in Russia. Or, he could be talking about Talon's terror attacks and the reactivation of Overwatch agents. However, there is a Genji has an in game voice interaction with Winston, where Winston says "Genji, this is just like old times." and Genji replies "Our paths cross for now. As to the future, we shall see.", so even Genji is working with Overwatch again, it may only be temporary.[3] The third possibility is actually another Sombra connection. In Sombra's origin story we see her open a kind of map that shows connections between Lumerico Corporation, Overwatch, Talon, and other powerful organizations all connected to a strange eye symbol in the center of it[4]. And during this, Sombra talks about finding out "who really runs the world", leading some to speculate this "eye" represents a group behind some kind of conspiracy in the overwatch universe.[5] So its possible Genji knows something about this "eye" figure as well, especially since Genji, Hanzo and the Shimada clan are represented on Sombra's map as players in the conspiracy. A few other notes about the short. Hanzos leaves an offering at the shrine of incense and a feather, similar to the feather Genji left behind when he dissappeared. Then there is the Overwatch skin of young genji called Sparrow. Its possible Sparrow was Genji's nickname growing up, with the feathers being a symbol of that. Also, during their fight Hanzo shot several arrows at Genji while Genji sent some throwing stars flying back at him. And the castle they fought is also the final control point in the Overwatch map Hanamura. And if you look for them in the map you can actually 3 of genji's throwing stars stuck into the wall at the same place he threw them in the video[7]. And one of Hanzo's arrows is also lodged into a small pavillion right in front of the castle.[7] Probaly the most mysterious and interesting detail in the short is the tapestry which Hanzo leaves his offering in front of. You can see theres a gash in it as if it was cut by a sword, and blood stain next to the cut. Together these marks tell a story, and it almost looks as if someone was beheaded right in front of the tapestry, with the sword partially cutting into it and the victims blood spaying up into the cloth. And this tapestry with the cut and bloodstain is also present in the Hanamura map too. Hanzo lays his incense directly in front of the banner, and some people believe this isn't by coincidence. That there was a person beheaded in front of the banner, and that person was Genji, who was beheaded by Hanzo for not joining the clan. In the reddit thread "[Theory] Hanzo beheaded Genji", user allanmbarbosa says "nobody tells what really happened with Genji to justify the fact that the majority of his body is now cybernetic. If Hanzo just pierced Genji's heart, or severed some or all of his brother's limbs, it would be relatively easy to solve the problem, since the variety of cybernetic implants that other characters have....I think that Hanzo used the katana that appears at the altar in temple of Hanamura in Dragons short to cut Genji's head at that same spot, it's hinted by the cut and the blood stain in the banner behind. And at the end, when Genji dash to Hanzo and stop with his tanto placed horizontally at Hanzo's throat, it was a clear message to remember his brother of what he had done, and that Genji could had done exactly the same thing at that moment."[6] Now the immediate counter to this is that according to Genji's bio, Overwatch rescued him from the brink of death. But obviously if he was beheaded he would have died almost instantly. So we have to remember that the Overwatch bio's are biased accounts of the character's history. After all, according to Hanzo's bio Genji was dead. This beheading theory would explain why Hanzo was so shocked to see his brother alive. And also why Genji felt so repulsed by his robotic body, as it involved him literally being brought back from the dead. We also know that in the game, Mercy is capable of resurrecting dead characters, and Mercy is the also who gave Genji his cybernetic body. And just to end on a lighter note, Genji was brieftly in the Overwatch comic Reflections. You can see him on Christmas eve, writing something on a tablet using a feather, while his pal Zenyatta meditates in the background.
5 Unsolved Mysteries - Overwatch 1. Junkrat's treasure First, a little background before diving into the mystery. After the Omnic Crisis, the Australian Liberation Front, an anti Omnic terrorist group of which Roadhog was actually a member, carried out a sabotage operation on Australia's Omnium. And if you don't know, Omniums are basically the self improving robotics factories that Omnics were created from. Anyway, the Omnium's fusion core exploded which destroyed the facility, but had the unintended consequence of turning the Australian Outback into an irradiated wasteland. The few survivors in this harsh landscape made their living gathering scrap and debris from the wrecked Omnium. Jamison Fawkes, better known as Junkrat, was one such scavenger. But one day he discovered a valuable secret in the ruins of the Omnium, he'd found his infamous "treasure". And so far, the true nature of his treasure hasn't been revealed but we do have a few clues. First, we know that whatever Junkrat found made him a target for gangs and mercenaries, to the extent that he partnered with Roadhog to be his bodyguard. Junkrat's treasure is also known to other Overwatch characters such as Hanzo. There's an in game voice interaction where Hanzo says "Where did you hide your treasure? You could hardly have it on your person!" with Junkrat replying "Treasure? S-sure, I don't know anything you're talking about!"[1] Hanzo's statement that "you could hardly have it on your person!" could be taken in a couple ways. He could mean, that whatever treasure Junkrat found is too large for a single person to carry around and keep hidden. On the other hand, Hanzo may just believe that it would be extremely foolish to do so. But maybe Junkrat doesn't have a choice. He carries his treasure with him because what he found wasn't some physical item that could be hidden away in a safe, but in fact what he found was information. After all, Junkrat's bio only mentions that he found a valuable "secret". We also know that Junkrat has a deep mistrust of Omnics. And some have drawn a connection between this and the secret he found, that what he found was some sinister truth about the Omnics themselves. In a reddit thread speculating about Junkrat's treasure, user The_Slam said: "Another element of his character is his strong distrust for omnics, which is on the same level as that of Zarya. This intrigued me because, while Zarya feels this way is because of an omnium that suddenly spent to life and attacked her home. Junkrat has no such experience, yet he feels the same." And what he's referring to is that unlike Zarya or Roadhog, Junkrat's bio doesn't mention him being hurt by Omnics in any way yet he hates them just as passionately as the other two characters. If not more so. He continues: "You could chalk this up to classic bigotry, I think it's more deeply seeded than that... Essentially what I'm saying is that junkrats "treasure" is a dark truth about omnics, and he's holding onto it until it becomes relevant."[2] 2. How Gabriel Reyes became Reaper Reaper has been described as remorseless killer and failed genetic experiment. The cells of his body undergo constant decay and regeneration at hyper accelerated speeds. Even more disturbing is his seeming ability to feed off of the essence of those he kills, leaving his victims bodies as "pale, empty husks drained of life, their cells showing signs of intense degradation". In the Overwatch comic Old Soldiers Ana Amari briefly removes Reaper's mask and confirms what many have suspected all along: Reaper is the new identity of former Overwatch agent Gabriel Reyes. So the question is, what happened to turn the leader of Blackwatch into the monster known as Reaper? Like Jack Morrison, later known as Soldier 76, Reyes was a product of the US Government's "soldier enhancement program". This controversial experiment used science to give solders "superhuman speed, strength, and agility".[3] Also, both Morrison and Reyes were part of the original Overwatch team. But when Reyes was passed over for promotion and instead Morrison became the leader of Overwatch, a rift developed between them. This grudge led Reyes to secretly sabotage Overwatch from within, his efforts culminating in a battle that destroyed Overwatch's Swiss headquarters, with Reyes and Morrison supposedly dying in an explosion. Both of them later resurfaced with new personas, but only Reaper emerged a genetically modified freak. There are several theories for why this happened, and Mercy plays a central role in all of them. For one, Mercy is an expert in applied nano biology for the treatment of life threatening injuries. Its certainly possible that Reapers condition could be a side effect of this technology. Most telling is a voice interaction where mercy asks "What happened to you", and Reaper responds "You tell me doc"[4], along with another voice line where Reaper accusingly tells Mercy "You're responsible for this". Given that Mercy can resurrect players in game and is confirmed to have helped save Genji from the brink of death, the most obvious theory is Mercy botched an effort to save Reyes from injuries he suffered in the Swiss attack. Its possible she even tried to bring him back from the dead. Interestingly, she may have done this in secret. Mercy was known to oppose her commanding officers on many issues[6], and Overwatch leaders probably wouldn't want to save the man who just destroyed their Swiss headquarters. Also, in Old Soldiers Reaper accuses Overwatch of leaving him for dead, and Ana is shocked to see that Reyes is still alive. Which is more evidence that Overwatch left him for dead but Mercy tried to save him on her own. Another theory is that because Switzerland was also Mercy's homeland, it would make sense if she carried out research at the Swiss Overwatch facility. The explosion could have exposed Reyes to some experimental technology that Mercy had yet to perfect, afflicting Reaper with his self described curse. And this is by far the darkest theory, but some believe Mercy actually tried to murder Reyes using her own nanotechnology. Redditor randomlagger54 explains: "Another possibility...Mercy was ordered by Morrison to discreetly kill Reyes before he could lead an open revolt with hostile versions of her life-saving nanobots. However, the attempt failed due to Reyes' supersoldier-program regeneration counteracting the attack, leaving him in a perpetual cycle of death and rebirth as...his cells repaired themselves just as fast as the nanobots destroyed them."[7] And this fits surprisingly well with the current lore. If Reyes was given a medical procedure to turn his own body against itself and kill him, its no wonder he'd be angry enough to attack Overwatch headquarter's and specifically Mercy's base of operations. It would also explain his thirst for revenge, and why he has been hunting down former Overwatch agents. Similarly, Mercy would probably feel a great deal of guilt for performing the procedure. This could be why she has seemingly no contact with other Overwatch agents as shown in the comics and the animated shorts. She also has a voice line where she says "Overwatch was shut down for a reason. Maybe it's best it stay that way." And strangely, she doesn't have any voice interactions with Soldier 76, despite both being old school overwatch members. Its possible they're no longer on speaking terms, after Morrison ordered her to assassinate Reyes. 3. The King's Row EMP generator Human's and Omnics have a tense relationship in King's Row. Although modern London was largely built through Omnic labor, in King's Row Omnics are denied the same rights as humans. To this day the Omnic population is forced to live underground in a "city-beneath-the-city" sometimes referred to as The Underworld[9]. And the situation is about to get even worse. King's Row is a playable hybrid map in Overwatch, where players first capture a checkpoint and then escort a payload to the heart of the city. But what many people overlook is that the payload being escorted is actually an EMP generator. And EMP can kill omnics[10]. Junk Rat alludes to this with a voice line saying "So we're delivering a bomb to scrap some bots and I'm getting paid for it. My kind of job!"[1] So someone is trying to finish off the King's Row Omnics for good, but who? The most obvious culprit is Talon. After all, the Talon agent Widowmaker assassinated Omnic spiritual leader Tekharta Mondatta while he gave a speech at King's Row. And just a side note, Mondatta's death has been memorialized on King's Row by the large statue of him near the first checkpoint. And a picture of him also hangs near the stairs at the Meridian theatre, which is where he gave his final speech. Ultimately, we don't yet know who's behind the attack and their motives are even less clear. Its possible that some hate group simply wants to kill as many Omnics as possible. However, you also have to consider that such an outrageous massacre on Omnic civilians could easily provoke a violent response. This is especially true in King's Row, where Human an Omnic tensions are among the highest in the world. The Second Omnic crisis is already being fought in Russia, and its possible that some group is hoping to incite a similar uprising in King's Row, as part of a larger conspiracy. 4. Widowmaker's Brainwashing Blizzard describes Widowmaker as the "perfect assassin: a patient, ruthlessly efficient killer who shows neither emotion nor remorse." But this wasn't always the case for Amelie Lecroix *pronounced leh kwah*. In her former life, Amelie was married to Gerard Lecroix, the Overwatch Agent leading the team's operations against Talon. After several unsuccesful attempts to take out Gerard, Talon turned their attention to Amelie instead. They kidnapped her, reprogrammed her personality and then set her loose as a sleeper agent. Soon after she was found by Overwatch agents and returned to her life with Gerard. And as far as anyone could tell, she was unharmed by her ordeal with Talon. Two weeks later her programming kicked in and she killed her husband in his sleep. Afterwards she returned to Talon where she trained in the covert arts. Then Talon altered her even further. They slowed her heart rate which turned her skin blue and eliminated her ability to feel emotion. With her humanity gone, nothing stood in her way towards being the perfect killer. And there's a lot of lore outside her official bio to show this is the case. In the comic Legacy, Widowmaker is shown ruthlessly sniping numerous Overwatch agents. While she was never mentioned as a member of Overwatch herself, she appears to at least be aquainted with the Overwatch team because of her husband. This is shown later in the comic when Ana Amari is shocked to find out that the sniper killing her squad is Amelie Lecroix. Their former relationship is what causes Ana to hesitate and miss her chance to kill Amelie. But emotionless Widowmaker has no problem firing a bullet straight toward Ana's head. Furthermore, Widowmaker plays the villain in many of the Overwatch Animated shorts. In Alive, she murders the peaceful Omnic spiritual leader Mondatta. She even has an in game voice line bragging about this. playing her in King's Row can trigger her line "Ah, the site of one of my finest kills. That day, I felt alive." And in the Overwatch Cinematic trailer she even takes aim at an innocent child, simply because he's a distraction. However, this idea of Widowmaker as a completely emotionless killer was called into question when Ana was added into the game on July 19, 2016. [11] The patch introduced a voice interaction where Ana says "Gérard was a fool to love someone like you." and Widowmaker replies "You don't know anything about him." Her defensive response hints there is still some trace of her original personality inside of her. Also in game, Widowmaker occasionally will say "Ah, Gérard" in a longing way.[12] Finally Widowmaker made an appearance in the comic Reflections where she visits Gerard's grave on Christmas Eve. At this point, there's no doubt she feels something for her deceased husband. Its possible that Talon never brainwashed her as completely as they thought. Alternatively, Widowmaker's brainwashing may be wearing off after all these years, with traces of her old personality and past life coming back to her. If Amelie's humanity is returning, this could definitely affect her status as Talon's most capable agent. 5. Sombra's conspiracy Sombra's true name is a mystery, but we know that she grew up an orphan in the aftermath of the Omnic Crisis. She was also one of the worlds most gifted hackers, even as a child she hacked "politicians, corporations, governments". Sombra played a key role in the Los Muertos gang and their revolution against the Mexican Government [13]. Eventually Sombra's hacking led her to discover evidence of a global conspiracy, or what she believed to be a global conspiracy. And while investigating this, Sombra was detected for the first time in her hacking career. This is depicted in Sombra's origin story short. Presumably we see her hacking at her PC when suddenly electric currents burst from her computer and her monitors each display a mysterious red eye symbol. This spooked Sombra enough to go underground and eliminate all traces of her old identity. And the short further shows Sombra get some kind of mechanical enhancements to her spine and back, apprently so she would no longer need a computer to do her hacking[13]. Sombra had effectively become the computer herself. Sombra goes on to say that "Now I’m ready, I will find out who really runs the world.", and as she narrates this, the short shows Sombra open up a strange map connecting various figures in the Overwatch universe all branching to the eye Symbol in the center. Most likely, this map relates to the conspiracy she referred to and shows the connections between the powers involved. For example, we see that Overwatch is connected to the Shimada clan through Genji. And Talon and Numbani both have a connection to Doomfist's gauntlet. Volskaya Corporation also features on the map, which could explain why Sombra decided to blackmail their CEO Katya Volskaya in the Infiltration short. Its unknown if Overwatch, Talon, Lumerico or the other groups represented have any knowledge of the conspiracy they're supposedly part of. No other character besides Sombra has referenced the conspiracy. This could be because nobody else is aware of it, they're trying to keep it covered up, and we can't discount the possiblity that Sombra is simply delusional. Assuming there is a true conspiracy however, what does the Eye at the center represent? Well some have pointed out that the Shambali, a group of Omnic Monks which Zenyatta is a member of, believe in the philosophy of the Iris. Zenyatta often says "Pass into the Iris" when he pops his ult in game. Being that the Iris is part of an eye, some users see believe the Eye is a symbol for the Iris philosophy. In the thread The Sombra "Eye" Conspiracy - Infographic examining each image, Analysis and Theories, Tels315 explains "This is actually a very good point to bring up. The Omnic monks all expose the philosophy of the Iris, and the symbol at the center of it all is the Eye. Perhaps they are worshiping the one behind the Omnic Crisis and may not even realize it. Worse, they are converting others into the worship as well. Tracer, for example, seems to be really in to the teachings of the Iris. Imagine if it should come out that she's a follower of the one pulling the strings and didn't even know it."[14] 1.http://overwatch.gamepedia.com/Junkrat/Quotes 2. https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/4odgj3/overwatch_lore_junkrat_and_his_treasure/ 3. https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/19809396/ 4. http://overwatch.gamepedia.com/Reaper/Quotes#Interactions 5. https://youtu.be/PoKRFx5Sb5g?t=4m7s 6. https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/mercy/ 7. https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/4g9r8e/the_relationship_between_mercy_and_reaper/ 8. http://overwatch.blizzplanet.com/blog/comments/blizzcon-2014-overwatch-unveiled-panel-transcript/4 9. http://overwatch.gamepedia.com/King%27s_Row#cite_note-1 10. http://overwatch.blizzplanet.com/blog/comments/blizzcon-2014-overwatch-unveiled-panel-transcript/4 11. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20747185139 12. http://overwatch.gamepedia.com/Widowmaker/Quotes#Map-Specific 13. http://overwatch.blizzplanet.com/blog/comments/blizzcon-2016-overwatch-whats-new-panel-transcript 14. https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/5d2m9m/the_sombra_eye_conspiracy_infographic_examining/
Jeff Kaplan submitted "Overwatch Players Guide to BlizzCon -- GET HYPE!!!!"
Hey everyone, We just got back from setting up for BlizzCon and we couldn’t be more excited for this weekend! We wanted to give you a quick Overwatch Fan guide to getting the most out of BlizzCon! >> << Opening Ceremonies is always one of the best parts of BlizzCon. It’s our chance to welcome everyone, thank the community for being so awesome, and also show you some of the cool stuff we’ve been working on. If you’re not coming to the Anaheim Convention Center for BlizzCon, you can watch Opening Ceremonies for free right here: If you are joining us in Anaheim this weekend, we’re doing Opening Ceremonies a little different this year. Rather than just having one main stage, like we used to, Opening Ceremonies will now span the entire convention center. But what does this mean for you? Well, you don’t have to rush to get seats in the main hall! In fact, we’ll be presenting all of the cool, new Overwatch stuff in the Overwatch Arena this year. So: That’s where I’ll be—I really hope to see you guys there! >> << Speaking of the Overwatch Arena: It’s amazing this year! The stage is fantastic and you can watch the best players in the world from any angle – a full 360 degrees. Even if you’ve never been interested in watching Overwatch played professionally before, I highly recommend coming by and checking it out. It’s exhilarating. You can find all sorts of information about matches here: And of course, those of you staying at home can be there right alongside the pros all weekend. >> << This is located in Hall A, right next to the Overwatch Arena. Want to play the newest stuff? This is where you want to be! >> << This panel is going to be awesome. This is where the team will go into more detail about new stuff. There might even be some news here that doesn’t happen during Opening Ceremonies. I feel like this panel is a “must watch” if you’re an Overwatch fan. If you happen to be going to BlizzCon, this one will be on the Mythic Stage, which is on the far end of the convention center—opposite end from the Overwatch Arena. I know the team would love seeing you at the panel and really enjoy your support. >> << This is a really fun panel. We’re going to show you a bunch of behind-the-scenes “making of” moments from the inception of Overwatch to our BlizzCon 2014 announce. Ever wanted to see early gameplay footage of the first Overwatch playtest? This panel is for you! >> << Epic Stage Friday 5:15 PM PDT Epic Stage Saturday 4:30 PM PDT Legendary Stage Friday 4:15 PM PDT Legendary Stage Saturday 2:30 PM PDT Mythic Stage Saturday 5:30 PM PDT It’s going to be an awesome BlizzCon, whether you’re joining us at the show or watching from home! Time to get hype!!!!! http://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20759170996#post-1 - Jeff Kaplan
Jeff Kaplan submitted "Quick Update"
Hey all, Thanks for all of the discussions here on the game. We've been reading as much as we can and appreciate all of the passion. Sorry we haven't posted as much as we usually do lately. We've been working really hard on some pretty awesome stuff for Blizzcon and we're super excited to share it all with you next week! I know some of you have concerns about some issues in the game so I wanted to just take a quick minute and tell you what our current focus is internally. We've been discussing the state of the Mercy rework a lot and listening to all of the feedback. Overall, we feel like the new direction for Mercy is much better for both Mercy and non-Mercy players. But we do feel like she's too dominant right now. In particular, we feel like the resurrect ability is changing the tone of the game to a degree which is simply too powerful. As such, we're experimenting with different toned-down versions of the ability. After all, resurrect is no longer an ultimate and is now an on-cooldown ability so it needs to be less powerful. I know that you're going to want more details but we're nearing a point with internal iteration where we feel comfortable putting something on the PTR soon. We'd rather have you play the changes than theorycraft them. Another topic that we've been focused on a lot lately is Competitive Play. We don't have immediate changes to discuss right now but we're closely studying issues and perceived problems with the system with an eye toward improvement. Along with that, we talk a lot about matchmaking within the competitive system. We have some plans that should improve some issues that players are seeing -- especially at the high end of the skill rating spectrum. We have long and short term plans for Competitive that should hopefully improve the experience over time. We're hoping that we can get more of these changes in at a faster pace rather than waiting for major milestones. Some of the matchmaking work we want to do is strictly done on our servers which means that we don't have to wait for a big patch to go out. Again, I know you want more specific details but game development is a process and we're actively discussing and iterating on ideas and systems right now. The third big focus that's being discussed is toxicity. A lot of what we do here we cannot and will not discuss publicly. The more players understand about how these systems work, the more they will be able to game them. There have been a lot of improvements in this area and the number of actioned players continues to rise. The more we restore your faith in our systems, the more we hope you use them (talking about reporting here specifically). We're also hoping to have player feedback in the game when someone you reported was actioned by the end of the year. The email pilot program has gone well so far and we keep trying to expand that until we get the in-game system up and running. Please keep using the reporting system. I swear to you, it does work and we're really focused on improving it. But we need your help. Obviously, there is a lot more going on besides the three topics I brought up. But I think those three things are some of the issues the community as a whole is most concerned about and therefore I think those should be my team's top priorities. We have a ton of cool, fun stuff coming -- some of which will be announced at Blizzcon. And we're also really proud of some of the work we just completed to make spectating esports better. World Cup should be pretty cool and will teach us a lot for when it comes to improving spectating in the future. We really appreciate all of the passion you've shown for the game. We're lucky to have players like you. All the best, ow team http://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20759395949#post-1 - Jeff Kaplan
Blizzcon stuff just with some references
Just thought I'd talk about some stuff coming soon (basically all this is coming at blizzcon). The biggest change coming to Overwatch is around things coming to the Overwatch league. Team jerseys are coming to the in game store as well as a new spectator system. Some of the teams have been leaked such as names for the teams like Miami mayhem and Dallas Fuel, as well as a preview of the new content which will be available for purchase to support them. The teams are basically finalized with players chosen.(I'm not quite sure how to reference this exact part as it comes from a private discord.) There is an animated short. Hero 26 reveal and discussion about the new Overwatch project, the rumour being that hero 26 is an omnic following all the new omnic lore. There is one other item which I'll leave out for more surprise. ---------------------------------------- Here's some references. https://twitter.com/treyspisak/status/918938466729078784 http://www.rollingstone.com/glixel/news/daily-glixel-master-chief-is-riding-a-scorpion-inside-the-xbox-one-x-w507444/dallas-fuel-is-team-envys-new-overwatch-league-team-w507447 https://www.overwatchscore.com/overwatch-league-teams/miami-mayhem/ https://twitter.com/SomerEsat/status/917818088027910144 https://www.vg247.com/2017/10/10/blizzard-is-hiring-for-an-unannounced-overwatch-project/ https://twitter.com/SomerEsat/status/917818088027910144
Re-releasing Overwatch old events discussion
As the title says, I am here to understand and wonder how old events will be when they get released again, and that may also affect new future events. I am no where near as smart and creative as or Lord Jeff and his trusting Companion are, but I need answers. ------Recap...........................................(Discussion begins after the 2nd paragraph) The first of the old events that got released for the 2nd time as everyone knows what the Summer Games. First time we had 1 map, and 1 mode (Quick Play Lucio Ball). Second release for the Olympic games had 2 maps, 1 Quick Play, 1 competitive and a change in Lucio's ult. Last year's Junkenstine's revenge had only 1 game play and it was playing with the 4 heroes. Now we have Endless which ends but with 4 more heroes added, not to mention we also have custom games that can be add all heroes and increase and decrease the number of players. Along with damage, speed, etc... ------This is where the discussion begins Next Event will be Christmas with Mei as the our only hero and different fire mode and ult. My Guess will be that we will get Competitive mode for it and allow us to play Snowball fight with the 3 newer arena maps. Custom games for it will only have little to no changes for the game. Just like how Lucio Ball custom game have only changes to speed, and the usual. We weren't even allowed to use other heroes. Understanding that Mei will only be allowed since she is the only one with Ice attacks. After the Christmas event, we had the Chinese New Year events. What will we even get as a new game style? Last year, Blizzard released for the event the Capture the Flag game, even left us the game mode after the event ended. Are they going to add a changed version of the escort maps to Capture the Flag? Are we going to get Escort the flag carrier all the way to the end? Competitive version? Custom games also barely have any changes on capture the flag. Last but not least, Uprising Event. We had 2 game modes for it, play with the original heroes, and play with all heroes. It was about Null Sector attacking kings row. Maybe we are going to have a new mode like maybe fighting the Omnic crisis that happened to Eichenwalde? Volkaia Industries? Lets start throwing ideas about what we may or may not get.
Jeff Kaplan commented on "Do you think Overwatch team simply not have enough people?"
When we launched Overwatch in May of 2016 our team was comprised of 70 developers. When I say developers, I am specifically talking about artists, engineers, producers, sound/music designers and game designers. We're now at just north of 100 developers. We do have a few open roles (you can check our job site for these) but we mostly feel pretty good about the size of the team in regards to the things we'd like to accomplish. One of the things we value as a team is the concept of doing more with less. Even though I wouldn't say we're necessarily a "small" team as modern development standards go, we're certainly not an overly large team either. We view ourselves as artists and craftspeople and we like to avoid that feeling of being "cogs in a large machine". We like the fact that we own Overwatch together as a unified team with a shared, collective vision. There is not one person -- or select people -- who dictates what we do. We're not peons of some visionary -- just implementing his or her vision -- and we're certainly not beholden to any corporate "overlords" telling us what we can or cannot do. We are 100+ game developers who absolutely love playing and making Overwatch. The day we announced/launched/put OW into Beta, the game belonged to a large community. And we truly do see ourselves as the custodians -- not overlords -- of the game and community. With that said, something that no one can ever take from us is that the 100 or so of us on the team created something together that we truly believe in and stand behind. We have poured our hearts and souls into a game that we believe is special. We've staked our names and our careers on it. We try -- every waking hour -- to show how much love and magic we believe Overwatch can represent. Since the day we have launched, we've only increased our efforts and dedication. Overwatch is a 24/7, 365 days a year affair for us. Overwatch doesn't stop because it's 5 o'clock on a Friday evening. Overwatch doesn't stop because it's our kids' birthday. Do we do everything right? Certainly not. The 100 members of the OW team are *far* more critical than most of you of the game on a good day (although we're a little more professional about how we express our criticism). You will never meet one of us who says, "the game is perfect". We have no shortage of ideas of how to make the game better and we are lucky enough to show up to work every day and try to make those things happen. We've built the team around the people who we consider to be the top developers in the entire industry. And because of that, we view them as amazing, creative individual contributors and not just "mindless implementers" who can be easily multiplied to increase output. While most players have a few "causes" that they focus on, we - the team - care about *literally* every experience that has anything to do with OW. We care about where a button on the screen goes, what sound it makes, what color it is. We care about what the email says to a player who has just been banned. We care about constantly trying to improve ping times worldwide and server up time. We care about what Mei says when she is sad. We care about the integrity of Top 500 play, the tournament rules for esports, how big the OW logo is on a backpack. We care about all 26 heroes equally. Each of us wants to be involved and contribute to all of these things plus 10,000 other OW-related things that come up each day. We are the 100 people who created the experience and whether it is good or bad, that's on us. We know we're only as good as our last patch. Our passion and love is for making and playing Overwatch. Things like posting on the forums -- for many of us -- is not a normal or core part of our job. From Day 1, we felt like we wanted to be a development team that communicated more openly with our player base. We tried to make as many posts on these forums as possible. Our intention -- more than anything -- was show a presence and let you know that we're listening. We're not naive enough to think that we can sufficiently address each player's concerns here. But we do want you to know that we -- the OW development team -- are here with you, listening. We try to do other things to let you know that we're part of this community as well. We make Developer Update videos so we can talk directly to you and explain what we're doing and why we're making decisions. We do not hide behind online handles or layers of Community Managers and PR Spokespeople. Developers speak to you directly, using our real names. And if you'll allow me to speak openly for a moment -- it's scary. Overall, the community is awesome to us. But there are some pretty mean people out there. All of our developers are free to post on these forums. Very few of us actually do because it's extremely intimidating and/or time consuming. It's very easy to post the wrong thing and make a "promise" to the community that no one intended to make. Once we say we're working on something, we're not allowed to "take it back". It's set in stone. Also, because we are open with you and do not hide behind an anonymous handle (like all of you have the luxury of doing), we often times get personally attacked and threatened. Most great developers I know just love being head's down making or playing games. The "public speaking/posting" part of the job is downright scary and intimidating. It often feels like there is no winning. As a result, there are a small few of us who do most of the posting here. Two weeks ago, I was offsite all week without posting access (I cannot make forum posts from my phone for security reasons). The week after that, I came into the office 1 hour later than I normally do (I was feeling extremely fatigued and rather than waking up at 5:40am like I do most days, I woke up at 6:30am). The end result was that for 2 weeks I haven't posted at my normal rate. I apologize that it's been a quiet two weeks but that doesn't mean that we -- the OW team -- haven't been working just as hard as we always do and are not dedicated to making this game great. Just because there are "a lot of threads" or "a lot of upvotes" about a certain topic, does not mean we're not paying extremely close attention to not only the community feedback -- but more importantly -- the game itself. Of course the team talks about Mercy. Of course we talk about Ana. But we talk about all of the heroes. If we post, "we're talking about Mercy" immediately there is an expectation that she is going to be radically changed in the next patch when the truth is, we might just leave her how she is for a while. We're not allowed to post that here without our bosses (and I am talking literally here) receiving emails from some of you demanding we be fired. It's not exactly what I would call a safe environment for creative people to openly express their thoughts and feelings. Anyway, we always appreciate feedback when it is expressed in an open, direct and constructive way. Player feedback is what has made this game great. We will try to communicate as much as we can. We love being a part of the community and we don't ever want to view ourselves or be viewed as being separate or removed from that. Thanks for being patient with us. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20759346970?page=4#post-75 - Jeff Kaplan
How I think Blizzard can fix D.va PROPERLY
As a long time D.va main, I have loved her through all of her stages. Yes even when her mech killed her. Due to this I want to pitch an idea I have always had for her matrix. A solution that will benefit everyone. Obviously having D.va's matrix halved was not a good solution to her problem as a tank. My example of the kind of tank D.va should be more like, is Zarya. Zarya is rewarded with charge by protecting her team and herself with bubbles. This is what makes Zarya's gameplay that of a Tank role. So why not just make D.va's matrix 2 seconds base, but last up to 4 or so seconds provided she is deleting enough Damage, ults, etc. This idea is obviously not perfect, but my intention isn't to push for specific stats on her matrix, it is just to push towards making D.va what she is straying even farther from. A TANK. Before her matrix was too simplified and it annoyed players, it just didn't feel good to be covered by it and it took little skill to delete Ults that people worked hard to generate, sync, etc. With a change like this, it makes D.va's matrix easier to use, but actually keeps it viable. A 2 second matrix regardless of what she uses it to eat, is simply too short. One more thing. People seem to want D.va to get her armor back and be some sort of bruiser tank. In no way should Blizzard EVER give her back her old armor. This does not solve the problem of her being an Ult sponge, and is an aspect of the old D.va that was removed for a reason. I don't want an Overpowered Monster D.va. I wan't my favorite character to just be effective, and fun to play both as and against.
Jeff Kaplan commented on "Report system is a failure"
You make some really good points and we agree. The reporting and punishment system is currently one of our prime focuses. You will be seeing a developer update about this very soon (we recorded it last week -- not sure when it's going live). We have short, medium and long term plans and we haven't done a great job in communicating all of these things to you. In the short term we are re-evaluating every punishment and are in the process of converting silences over to suspensions. We're also increasing the length of suspensions. Pretty soon, we hope for silences to go away all together and only have suspensions and bans for punishments (with a few exceptions like forced BattleTag changes for naming violations). Also in the short term, we've been testing an email notification system to let you know when someone you've reported has been actioned. We cannot provide a lot of detail in these emails but they only go out if an action has taken place (meaning your report contributed to someone getting suspended). The other short term thing we just did was ban a number of accounts for boosting in Season 5. These accounts were actioned either yesterday or are in the process of being actioned. They will lose all Season 5 rewards. In the medium term, we're looking to completely ban repeated Competitive offenders meaning if you've been banned for more than X seasons, we will ban you from ever playing competitive again. We also want to increase the email notification system to other forms of reporting as well as work on an in-game notification system to let you know that your reports are doing something (this will edge more into the long term section -- the in game part). For Season 6, we're going to be way more aggressive with boosting/throwing or any sort of SR manipulation. We have some very smart people who are getting very good at detecting this behavior and we are actively building systems (and punishments) around SR abuse. Also in the medium term, we have a new series of punishments we're going to try that escalates much more quickly (so you don't have egregious cases like the one you're referencing). Basically, extreme offenders will "strike out" of the game much quicker. As part of these increasing punishments, we're looking to make it so that offenders get blocked from Competitive play much sooner -- more details on this as we get closer. In the long term, we really want to work on systems that encourage positive behavior and reward good players. It really bums us out to spend so much time punishing people for being bad sports. We like making cool, fun game systems -- that's what we do for a living. But because people seem to lack self-control or because people like to abuse anonymity and free speech we're put in a position of spending a tremendous amount of our time and resources policing the community. We will do this as it is our responsibility but we'd like to spend more time rewarding good players rather than having to focus on poor sportsmanship and unacceptable bad behavior so much. Like it or not, this is an "us, the OW community problem" and not just an "OW team problem". For better or for worse, we're in this together. We're working hard to make changes. I hope you all do too. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20758737651#post-16 - Jeff Kaplan
Quests in Overwatch!
So this idea came to me in a dream, no really, dont laugh. We got a quest system for Overwatch. I know, I know, its an old idea, but this game doesnt have it yet so why not? SO. I was thinking that we could have either daily quests, weekly quests, or Seasonal quests that give out rewards depending on which of the three quests you complete or you could have all three quests or just two quests implemented, its just speculation. Daily quests would, as you would expect, change everyday, you only get one per day, and completing it would yield around 25 credits. The quests would be something along the lines of "win 5 matches" or maybe "win 3 matches with at least 3 mins of play time on X hero/role" etc etc. Weekly quests would give out harder quests, obviously, but it also gives bigger rewards. It could either be 100 credits a week OR 2 lootboxes but this wouldnt be some giveaway so I want the quests to really be a challenge that would take at least a few days to finish. Something along the lines of "winning 10 competitive games" to "win X amounts of games with at least Y amounts of mins played in Z role" or more specific ones like "Sleep 50 enemies as Ana". Seasonal Quests would be the most enticing. I would think to make QUEST EXCLUSIVE LEGENDARY SKINS every season. Just one skin per season and it would rotate or change randomly per season. These would arguably be the hardest quests of all, since it gives you something you literally cannot buy with credits at all. These quests would be something of the caliber of "win 100 games of competitive play" or "get 300 fully charged critical hit kills with Widowmaker" or "block a total of 100,000 damage as a tank" etc etc. These have been calculated to be accomplished in 4 weeks more or less if you play the game regularly, values and stats coming from my own averages as I am a Silver player that has at least 3-5 games a day. Finishing all daily and weekly quests in a season would yield at least 2000+ credits (taking into account that daddy jeff said they would do 2 month seasons for now) since you'd be earning 175 credits for 7 daily quests and another 100 for a weekly quest. It gives you the chance to pick up a legendary skin every 4 weeks and two in 8, but its not too much that you can just do this all the time and get all the skins you want as you still have to earn up for more than one season if you want to get that latest event skin.
Overwatch x Star Wars season event
If there two prominent sci-fi franchises going on right now, it's Star Wars and Overwatch. These 2 franchises are taking the world by storm, so why not combine the two for a seasonal event? Well probably because of copyright. But if Disney ever wants to partner up with Blizzard for an upcoming movie (or whenever they want), this is it. Let's breakdown what I think could be Overwatch's best event if this happens. 1. When should it happen? My suggestion would be either on May 4th or May 25th, replacing the overwatch anniversary event, (however, you could still buy the anniversary skins from last year if you didn't get them) in order to celebrate the day that Star Wars was released. 2. What should the skins be? This is going to be a lot of fun so here's my list: Doomfist: B2 grappler super battle droid Genji: Jedi Mcree: Rebel Smuggler (kinda looks like Han Solo) Pharah: Mandalorian Reaper: Deathtrooper Soldier: Clone Trooper :76 Sombra: Bothan spy Tracer: Rebel pilot Bastion: a mishmash of a bunch separatist droid parts Hanzo: Sith Junkrat: Gungan Mei: Hoth rebel soldier Torbjörn: Jawa Widowmaker: Twi'lek rebel bounty hunter D.VA: AT-ST driver Orisa: a droideka with 4 legs Reinhardt: ??? Roadhog: Hutt Winston: Wookiee Zarya: Wampa Ana: Tusken Raider Lucio: Pod racer Mercy: Endor rebel soldier Symmetra: Imperial officer Zenyatta: Protocol droid Each skin is actually a non canon character and they have their backstories (similar to the skins from Dr. Junkenstein's revenge). For example, Ana's skin is of a Tusken raider who saw her village get slaughtered by Anakin (Ep2). Soldier's that he disobeyed Order 66 and went into hiding, Tracer's had a hyperdrive accident etc.... Also, the skins will change not only you're weapon but also changes the sound and it shoots lasers just like a Star Wars blaster. For example, Genji's shurikens would changed to starblades, his melee sword would be a vibroblade and his dragonblade would be a lightsaber (of course) 3. What would be the game mode? It could be a PVE game mode similar to Dr junkenstein and Uprising in which you have to survive the entire round until the boss comes. There would be three maps specific to this and each has they're own boss. Naboo for Darth Maul, Death Star for Darth Vader and Tokadona for Kylo Ren. Or it would be walker assault-esque mode where you try to destroy the giant vehicle (AT-AT, MTT or etc). 4. Is this likely? Short answer: ¯\_(?)_/¯. Long answer: I don't know since Genji had a voice line that referenced the "weapon of a more civilized age" line from EP. 4 but got removed. 5. What would happen if the event ended? They would still have the skins but the sound effects would change 6. Why should this happen? Because this two are the most popular sci-for franchises right now. From a geek's perspective, this would be awesome to see simply cause it's your favorite overwatch characters dressing up like your favorite Star Wars characters. From a business perspective, they could make BANK off of this even if it's going to be a month and half because Overwatch copies are selling like hot cakes and there is Star Wars merchandise up the wazoo. I would love to see this event happen since I'm a big fan of Overwatch and Star Wars. If you agree, share your ideas and see if we can get enough people to support to see this idea come to life. Thank you all and May the Force be with you